The countdown has already begun

I don’t care what the prognosis is for the upcoming NHL season, I just need some sort of hockey fix.

It has been too long of a summer for this fan. A summer made that much longer by the early exit of my beloved Bruins from the playoffs.

For me and my wife the summer is a rather pedestrian season. We go to the local rink’s stick and puck skates, we play some video games, etc. This is all a sad ritual that lasts well into September as we await the start of another glorious hockey season.

September 23 marks the first game of the preseason and the return of the greatest sport to ever exist. From that day it is just 18 days until the start of the regular season.

The big problem here is whether or not there will be a regular season to even play.

With the NHL and the NHLPA seemingly nowhere near close to ratifying a new collective bargaining agreement we could be looking at another lockout – something that could spell doom to the current NHL environment.

My guess, there will be no lockout.

I know it is really not too far away from the start of the season but I feel like something will get done. If you look at the league’s current standing in terms of popularity and exposure it really cannot afford to have a lockout. Any day spent waiting for hockey to come back when it should be going on already will be time and money wasted.

It took a long time for casual fans to come around after the previous lockout and if there is another lockout in less than a decade it will likely be the end of widespread hockey exposure for a good long time.

The countdown to puck off for the 2012-13 season has already started and hopefully once that clock runs down we will see some action on the ice and not in the courtroom.

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