Torp’s Tots and Masked Madness: good week off the ice for Cristopher Nilstorp

Cristopher Nilstorp (Photo by Christina Shapiro/Texas Stars)

Cristopher Nilstorp (Photo by Christina Shapiro/Texas Stars)

Cristopher Nilstorp is still battling to get back on the ice after suffering a lower-body injury, but off the ice the Swedish goaltender has made some positive headlines the past three days.

Thursday, Nilstorp and the Texas Stars announced the charity program “Torp’s Tots” that will give tickets to children with seriousness illnesses to 24 of the Stars’ 33 remaining games.

“It’s hurting to see those kids having those issues and all the things they’re going through,” Nilstorp said. “If we can do something or just small things to make those kids happier and make them forgot about the problems they have, then we should do it.”

This isn’t the first time Nilstorp has held a child with a serious illness.

“Couple years ago there was kid back home in Sweden. He had cancer and he loved the soccer team and the hockey team back in my home town,” Nilstorp said. “I would bring him to the rink a couple days a week and he was like one of the guys on the team … when we see him smiling every day it means a lot for us players.”

In addition to his charitable work, Nilstorp’s mask received some accolades this week and moved into the final round of the AHL’s Masked Madness contest.

Part of the mask’s success in the contest was the extra effort put out by the Texas Stars and Dallas Stars communications staffs, which both tweeted out links to the Facebook page often during the past three days.

The mask is designed by David Gunnarsson, who had been painting Nilstorp’s masks for “nine or 10” years and also does other NHL goalies masks, including New York Rangers’ goalie Henrik Lundqvist.

“It’s a beautiful mask,” Nilstorp said. “He really does a great job, it be pretty cool if it could go to the next round.”

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