NHL playoff picks based on food

Yes, this blog is dedicated to the AHL and the Texas Stars, but we’re going to take a break and pick the NHL playoff bracket the way all things should be decided — who has the best food?

First round:

Rocky Mountain Oysters (Colorado) vs. Hotdish (Minnesota)
One is bull testicles, the other is some sort of meat/vegetable combination. This is an ugly, sloppy series that the hotdish wins in seven.

Spare ribs (St. Louis) vs. Deep dish pizza (Chicago)
The food battle is just as good as the hockey will be in this series. Another seven game series, but this time its delicious and deep dish pizza takes it on loaded toppings.

Avocados (Anaheim) vs. Brisket (Dallas)
I admit, I know nothing about the cuisine of California. So it might not be best representative, either way brisket wins in four courses.

Sushi (San Jose) vs. Burrito (Los Angeles)
Once again, I struggle with California cuisine. The burrito is delicious, but oh is it filling on its way to a six-game victory.

Chowdah (Boston) vs. Coney Dog (Detroit)
For those of you who have never been to Detroit, you probably wonder why Coney Dog? Detroit is no where near Coney Island, right? Right. And chowdah wins in five.

Key lime pie (Tampa Bay) vs. Poutine (Montreal)
Poutine has an entire nation behind it and I’d prefer Apple or Pecan Pie. Poutine in four.

Heinz Ketchup (Pittsburgh) vs. Skyline Chili (Columbus)
Columbus doesn’t really have a distinctive dish or food, Skyline is more of a Cincinnati thing. Last time I checked Cincinnati’s hockey team is in the ECHL, so Heinz Ketchup easily advances in four.

New York style pizza (New York) vs. Cheese steak (Philadelphia)
Both of these items can be ordered in any pizza joint between New York and Philadelphia. Key word is its ordered in a PIZZA place, pizza in six.

Second round:

Hotdish (Minnesota) vs. Deep Dish Pizza (Chicago)
Sweep, by the Pizza. Is this really a question?

Brisket (Dallas) vs. Burrito (Los Angeles)
Brisket in five. Burritos are delicious, but you don’t smoke them for hours to perfection.

Chowdah (Boston) vs. Poutine (Montreal)
Poutine is actually quite delicious if you try it. Chowdah can can be hit or miss, poutine in six.

Heinz ketchup (Pittsburgh) vs. New York Style Pizza (New York)
Both are essential to life on this planet. But which would you rather live without? New York style pizza in six.

Third round:

Deep Dish Pizza (Chicago) vs. Brisket (Dallas)
This will be a classic series, both foods in their own right could have been favorites. However, brisket wins in seven games.

New York Style Pizza (New York) vs. Poutine (Montreal)
Poutine is good, as noted last round. But New York Style Pizza is delicious and can be modified to make it even better (I like to add pineapple). It’s also good on the go, pizza wins on the road in six games.

Stanley Cup Final

New York Style Pizza (New York) vs. Brisket (Dallas)
Man, this is a difficult choice and I’m really hungry right now. However, I had New York Style Pizza for lunch today, that motivation pushes New York to the top of the food pyramid.

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