Klingberg and Nemeth developing chemistry despite injury

DALLAS — Due to a combination of injuries and unlucky breaks Patrik Nemeth and John Klingberg have yet to play together in an official game for the Dallas Stars organization.

Once they do — perhaps later this season? — the pair of 22-year-old Swedish defensemen will already have some on-ice chemistry.

“He’s one of my best friends,” Klingberg said Tuesday morning. “I’ve known him for a while now. It’s good to have someone who talks Swedish, of course … he’s old for his age. I’m not sure how to say that right — he’s grown up.”

More mature?

“Yea, mature,” Klingberg said. “So that’s good for me. This is my first year (in North America) and it’s been good to to talk to Nemo a lot about how to play here.”

It certainly takes a high maturity level to battle the injuries Nemeth has faced after coming over to North America.

The 2013-14 season was hampered by injuries, including a broken foot and wrist caused by blocking shots. Despite those injuries Nemeth was still able to soar up Dallas’ defensive depth chart and scored the biggest goal in Texas Stars history to clinch the Calder Cup.

This season Nemeth entered the NHL season with high expectations. However he suffered a freak laceration on his wrist when he was cut by R.J. Umberger’s skate in October.

It’s the type of injury one NHL scout told me at the time “should end his season, for sure.” But Nemeth has already started stick handling and has been working hard in rehab. Similar to how he would be stick handling a golf ball around the Cedar Park Center in cast last season.

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